Tips & FAQs

Top tips

Here are some ideas of how to make the most of the Programme and increase your chances of winning a grant:

 Tell schools you are a ‘Friend of First Give’ 
Connect with First Give Schools in the areas that you work. You can do that easily here.

Enthuse the students when you visit them   
When you visit the class, this is your opportunity to tell them all about your work, how they can help and get them them excited to support you!

 Give them ideas for their social action  
Each class will do some social action to benefit your charity - this could be fundraising for you or raising awareness of your work. When you visit, you could give the students some support in this including ideas for what they could do.

 Encourage their creativity and let them do the talking 
You should encourage them to make their own video for their presentation rather than suggesting they download yours. Ensure they deliver the final presentations themselves even if they ask you to speak.

 Build the relationship 
Offer to listen to their presentations, invite them to volunteer for you and stay in touch!

Charity FAQs

We ask schools to contribute £500 towards the cost of the programme, which is heavily subsisided by our funders. Our generous and experienced supporters are passionate about building a culture of giving in future generations.

We have 140 schools in the Greater London area and a further 30 schools in the South Wales area participating in First Give throughout the academic year in 2016/2017. This means you might be contacted by more than one school, or more than one class.

We are not able to guarantee that a class will choose your charity as the students make this decision independently. However, please go to 'Get involved' to send an 'expression of interest' to any schools that operate in your area.

We are not currently able to consider unregistered charities. We are working on this and hope to engage with unregistered charities in future years. Please note, grants cannot be given to projects that promote religion. If you are an unregistered charity and would like to be kept updated, please feel free to email us at

Simply put: if you are registered with the Charity Commission and have a local office or project that teams can visit, they can represent you!

The class teacher will get in contact with you if their class votes to represent and support your charity for the programme. They will ask if there is a convinient time for you to come in and meet the class.

We understand that a visit may not always be possible. If this is the case, we would encourage you to arrange a Skype call with the class so that they can ask you some questions about the charity, or perhaps you could keep in contact with the teacher via email to send some information across.

We are always available if you need advice or have a suggestion. Please email us at

The School Final is the culmination of the programme. Around eight finalist teams will present to panel of judges and the winning charity will be announced, who will win the £1,000. We would love to see you there and the students always appreciate your support.

No, although we would love to see someone from your organisation present at the School Final, we realise that you are busy and may not have the time.