First Give Jack Petchey extended partnership

First Give Jack Petchey Foundation partnership will mean 11,000 young people supporting their communities

First give is delighted that the Jack Petchey Foundation will be providing £120,000 to get nearly 11,000 more young people in London and Essex contributing to their local communities. The means First Give can now operate in 140 schools across Greater London with a total of over 25,000 young people taking part.
After a successful pilot partnership in the 2015/2016 academic year which allowed 25 schools across the South East to participate in the First Give scheme, First Give is pleased to announce a full partnership with the Jack Petchey Foundation.

First Give’s vision is to help build a new generation of motivated and switched-on young people who want to use their skills to support local charities and make the lives of others in and around their communities better. The programme is delivered in secondary schools through a fully resourced scheme of work that is interactive and student-led, offered to schools free of charge. Students identify social issues in their area and engage with local charities that address them. The students will then have the opportunity to compete for £1,500 of grant money. Teams will do this by advocating for their charity in a school competition. The programme helps more young people engage with their local communities and develop valuable professional skills.

Teacher, Jenny Fox from Frederick Bremer School who delivers the First Give programme, said “My students loved the First Give programme – it was something really different for them to go through, it made them a lot more compassionate, aware and empathetic around what was going on in their local communities.”

Student, Kasey Camp, aged 15, from Chace Community School who completed First Give last year said “Our team worked really hard for our School Final, we were so happy to win the money for our charity. We are still in contact with our charity - the money was put towards a new building, so we went and re-performed our final piece at the opening. I really feel like we have made a difference”.

First Give recently recognised the outstanding achievements of students on the programme at their annual Awards ceremony at the stunning City Hall. They were delighted to be joined by their supporters from across the education and charity sectors including representatives from the Jack Petchey Foundation who mingled with inspirational young students and their teachers. Dame Julia Cleverdon, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, Baroness Pitkeathley, Kim Roberts and Eliza Rebeiro were some of the inspirational speakers during this special event.
With Jack Petchey’s support, First Give are confident next year’s event will be even bigger and better!
Reen Polonsky, Head of Project Grants at the Jack Petchey Foundation says “First Give’s ethos of engaging young people with their local communities fits perfectly with what the Jack Petchey Foundation does. We recognise their contributions to society through our Achievement Awards.

We are enthusiastic about supporting First Give as it will give them the skills to do this, benefit many local charities and make them citizens interested in Civil Society.”

Sir Jack Petchey CBE says “I believe we all have a responsibility to give back to society” and of course he has done this by funding the First Give programme in London and Essex to enable thousands of young people to understand and get involved in local charities.