Inspiring and equipping young people in secondary schools across England and Wales to tackle social issues

The First Give programme is designed to ignite a spark of social conscience in young people. We partner with secondary schools, supporting them to deliver the programme with a full year group. The programme is suitable for delivery with any year group from Year 7 through to Year 10. See some of the key benefits below...

  • Great for students. The First Give programme is interactive, engaging and fun for students of all attainment levels

  • Great for teachers. The First Give programme is fully resourced, including all lesson plans, hard-copy Coursebooks and PowerPoints

  • Great for the community. Students engage with local charity partners: raising awareness, campaigning and donating at least £1,000 to the winning class’s charity


Students empowered to make a positive difference to charities (2014 - 2023)

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What is the First Give programme?

Find out more about how the First Give programme works and how we support secondary schools to deliver the programme confidently and successfully

The First Give Programme

For Educators

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