Curriculum Links

The First Give programme complements many different areas of the curriculum whilst also encouraging personal and character development.

Meeting the needs of the curriculum in England and Wales

The First Give programme complements multiple areas of the National Curriculum and Curriculum for Wales. That’s why we’ve created Curriculum Links guidance which shows how and where First Give can support you school’s offer.

First Give teachers can also use this document to help report on the benefits of the First Give programme to senior leaders, the Board of Governors and Ofsted or Estyn.

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Here’s a snapshot of how the First Give programme supports school themes, links to subject areas, and supports a whole year group:

Supporting school themes

The First Give programme can support school themes such as:

  • SMSC (Ofsted)
  • Character Education
  • Enrichment and Personal Development
  • Language and Literacy
  • The Four Purposes (Wales)
  • Estyn (Wales)

Subject areas

The First Give programme complements and supports delivery of a range of subject curricula including:

  • PSHE
  • Citizenship
  • English
  • RE


Year group skills development

Through participation in the programme students not only have a positive impact on their local community, they also develop a range of skills including:

  • Presentation/ Public speaking
  • Team Work
  • Leadership
  • Project Planning
  • Research
  • Communication

How It Works

We co-deliver our programme with our partner schools, with their chosen year group, in their chosen curriculum area, during their chosen term. Have a look through our programme structure.

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Programme Calendar

Our vision is to empower as many students as possible, within secondary schools across England and Wales, to help make the lives of others better. To do this we must plan ahead and book our partner schools’ dates in advance, to ensure they are fully supported in delivering a succesful First Give Programme. Don’t miss out on your chosen term – book your dates ASAP!

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