Empowering young people; igniting a spark of social conscience.

Since launching in 2014 with in just a handful of London schools, we now work with nearly 200 schools across England and Wales every year – that’s nearly 35,000 young people!

Our team is made up of former teachers and those with a diverse range of wider charity sector experience, all of whom are committed to making sure First Give delivers on its mission and meets the needs of young people, teachers, charities and funders!

Scroll down to meet the team, view the values that define our organisation and learn about our Theory of Change that drives everything we do.

Our Team

Louisa Searle Director
Isaac Jones Head of Programmes
Georgia Bennett Programme Manager
Lily George Programme Manager
Magdalene Mill Programme Manager

Our values

We are known for being Altruistic

First things first: First Give wouldn’t be First Give if it didn’t revolve around social action. So much of our world needs radical change, and we aim to light the spark of transformation in local communities through the initiative of young people.

We are known for being Inspiring

We’re initiators. Instigators. We start something and get the ball rolling. Our role is to inspire change in and through others – a first step towards a more selfless lifestyle.

We are known for being Empowering

Young people aren’t just the future, they’re the present. They’re tenacious, opinionated and energetic. We believe in their ability to make meaningful and consequential difference in their communities, and we want to be the ones to empower, support and celebrate their achievements.

We are known for being Collaborative

Our whole model depends on teamwork. Of course, our relationships with schools gives us access to their students, and it’s through their teamwork with their peers and their connection with charities already active in their community that they can achieve more.

We are known for being Professional

First Give are experienced, personal and dependable. We engage with a wide range of people and it is essential that we are approachable and carry a professional appearance to build trust within these relationships.

Our Theory of Change

Our Theory of Change is a description of how we believe we can have the impact we want. At First Give we want to see more people habitually take action, collectively or individually to support causes they care about.

The latest National Youth Social Action Survey concludes that 82% of 10-20 year olds care about making the world a better place. Yet the number of young people participating in social action has fallen year on year, with many in the survey saying that it was due to lack of access and opportunity.

At First Give we believe that all young people should have the opportunity to take part in meaningful social action. Participation in youth social action leads to a double benefit for the community and for young people. This concept of double benefit is central to our approach and the impact we aim to have.

You can download our full Evaluation Plan, which includes our Theory of Change below. It shows our:

Activity – what we do

Mechanisms of change – the things that people think, feel or do as a result of our activity. These are the things which trigger outcomes.

Short and medium term outcomes – the result of our activity

Impact – the long term impact we want to achieve.

Download our Evaluation Plan here

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