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Empower your students to work together and make a difference.

A partnership with First Give supports your school and students to connect with the community whilst inspiring charitable giving and empathy for others

  • Engage your students.
    The First Give programme engages an entire year group with interactive projects and social action of their choice

  • Connect with the local community.
    The First Give programme builds bridges between your school and the local community

  • Resources that deliver results.
    First Give provides high quality, curriculum linked resources to both students and teachers (in both digital and hard copy)


Number of students completed First Give programmes (2022/23)


Number of students in total have completed First Give programmes (2014-2023)

How It Works

The First Give programme is designed to be delivered with a full year group (either Year 7, 8, 9 or 10) across a chosen curriculum area, within a chosen term. We support our partner schools to choose the most convenient way to deliver the scheme of work, whether that is through weekly lessons or drop down days. The programme is flexible to the needs of your school’s timetable and we work with each partner school to ensure it works for you.

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School Benefits

The First Give programme offers many benefits to our partner schools including a fully prepared and resourced scheme of work; ready for teachers to deliver. However we know that the programme also helps to create and embed stronger links between schools and their local communities.

Becoming a First Give partner school is so much more than solely delivering the First Give Programme.

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About First Give

Meet the team, view the values that define our organisation and learn about our Theory of Change that drives everything we do!

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Curriculum Links

See how the First Give programme meets secondary education curriculum aims, supports character education and adds value to your Ofsted reports.

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