23.11.2023 First Give News

First Give Impact Report 2023

At First Give we work in partnership with schools across England and Wales to inspire and motivate young people to make a positive difference to their local community and support charities through social action. We survey students, teachers and charities to help us understand the impact that First Give has. Read our latest Impact Report 2023 below to find out more about our work and impact!

In the last academic year, First Give worked in partnership with over 190 schools, completing 196 programmes across England and Wales. Over 35,000 young people took part in the First Give programme, taking action to make meaningful change in their communities. These numbers demonstrate the scale of the First Give movement, but each year we attempt to summarise the impact we’ve had in our Impact Report. We are thrilled to launch the 2023 Impact Report here.

We invite you to download the report below. It is a snapshot of moments, stories, and the varied outcomes that the First Give programme inspires. It is not big enough to hold the full impact of the work, but it does provide examples to motivate and drive us forward. We hope you enjoy.

None of this year’s work and achievements would have been possible without the generous commitment of our funding partners. We’d like to take this opportunity to give special thanks to our funders (please see the back cover of this report for a full list).

We would also like to thank the hundreds of schools and charities who have given their time to instill their passion and commitment in First Give participants. We look forward to continuing to work with you to strengthen our communities together.