05.12.2023 First Give News

First Give team engage in social action through team volunteering

It’s International Volunteer Day so we wanted to share a blog about our recent team volunteering day at the Felix Project, written by Amal, one of our newest team members. Amal discusses the connections between our work at First Give and the values of today’s awareness day; the promotion of philanthropy and giving back to the community. Read below about how our First Give central team enjoyed engaging in community volunteering – a form of social action that we champion through the First Give programme!

Volunteering holds the incredible ability to transform lives, foster a sense of community, and address pressing social issues. Recently, the First Give team had the privilege of volunteering at The Felix Project in Poplar—an extraordinary charity, based in London, dedicated to rescuing surplus food from the food industry and distributing it to over 900 frontline charities and schools. 

This experience wasn’t just about contributing to a significant cause; it was an opportunity to set an example for the students we work with, promoting the values of philanthropy and social action that we champion through the First Give programme. The First Give team, spread across various locations in England and Wales, comprises of dedicated and passionate individuals who actively contribute to their communities where they can. The introduction of team volunteering days stemmed from the team’s desire to do more work like this, and it was truly gratifying to both come together and to practice what we preach. 

Our time at The Felix Project was a total change of pace from our usual work routines. Picture this: a whole new level of hustle and bustle, a real labour of love. We were in the zone, buzzing around in a fast-paced whirlwind. And guess what? We weren’t just working hard; we were also chatting up a storm! A total switch-up from a regular day at the office, where having the team together is a rarity. Some of us are miles apart day-to-day, but here, we were all in sync – sharing stories, laughs, and good vibes. Talk about a workday like no other! 

As we reflect on our day of volunteering, it’s essential to connect our efforts to International Volunteering Day, celebrated on 5th December. This global awareness day encourages the acknowledgement and appreciation of individuals who contribute their time and skills without monetary compensation. Organisations like The Felix Project rely on a dedicated team of volunteers to make things happen. These volunteers play a crucial role in supporting the organisation’s mission, contributing their time and efforts to ensure the success of initiatives, and the overall wellbeing of the local community. In this instance, to ensure that everyone has access to good food. 

Working alongside the dedicated team at The Felix Project, we achieved something incredible: preparing a staggering total of 2,686 meals! This included 1,519 tasty tagines and 1,167 hearty pasta meals. This hands-on experience allowed us to not simply witness the impact that volunteering can have on local communities, but to be a part of it; addressing issues of food waste and supporting those in need. It was a fulfilling day that showcased the power of collective social action, and the positive change that can be achieved when individuals come together for a common cause. 

At the core of First Give lies the mission to support young people in becoming more generous and altruistic members of our society. We provide a platform for student voices to be heard, allowing them to speak about and support the issues they care about through student-led social action. Through a strategic approach that involves students in identifying and addressing societal concerns close to their hearts, First Give instils a lasting commitment to giving back, fostering values of philanthropy and volunteering. Our recent volunteering day at The Felix Project aligned with our guiding principles and was fun and fulfilling in equal measure.  

Amal, Programme Delivery Officer