Empower your students to work together and make a difference.

Through a fully resourced scheme of work, our programme gets students engaging with their community and making a difference to the causes they care about through social action.

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How the programme works


Students learn about social issues in their communities and choose the issues which are important to them.


Students research charities working in their communities and as a class, choose one to represent.


Charities are invited in to meet the class, so that students can learn more about their work and how to help them.

Plan & Deliver

Students plan and deliver social action activities (fundraising, awareness raising, volunteering) in support of their charities.


Students learn public speaking skills and put together creative presentations about the work of their charity and what their class has done to support it.

School Final

One group is chosen to represent each class at your school’s First Give Final. A panel of judges rate each class based on their social action and presentations. The winning class wins a First Give grant of £1,000 for their charity.

The School Final experience

First Give Finals are a celebration of the full year group. They are an opportunity for students to stand up and speak out on the issues that matter to them and showcase their social action. Each school runs their Final slightly differently, but they are all inspirational events!

The First Give team delivers and supports the planning and set up of the Finals to make them a true celebration of your school and students.

How long does the programme take?

The First Give programme is made up of a Launch Assembly, eight 50 minute lessons, a Workshop and your Final. Some schools deliver these lessons on a weekly basis (taking about 12 weeks in total), others run the programme over the course of 2 or more drop down days (completing the programme in a single half term). Your assigned Programme Manager can help you to work out the best schedule for your school.

How does it match to the curriculum?

First Give meets the needs of a number of different curriculum areas in England and Wales. The programme can be taught in any curriculum area you choose.

Download our Curriculum Links guide to find out more.

The First Give Package

Your school contributes £500 to run First Give. In return, you get:

All the resources you need to deliver the programme:

  • Lesson plans and lesson briefing videos
  • A scheme of work including Powerpoint presentations for each lesson
  • A hard copy of our Student Coursebook for every student in the year group.

Four facilitated sessions from First Give:

  • A teacher briefing session
  • A Launch Assembly
  • A Presentation Skills Workshop
  • Your School Final.

Remote sessions are available if required.

Guaranteed grant of £1,000 for your winning class’s charity.

Please note, First Give offers all of the above in English or Welsh.

Programme impact


of students say that their awareness of social issues in their community has improved (2018/19)


of students say that they will or may do more social action in the future as a result of First Give (2018/19)


of teachers say that First Give inspired a spark of social conscience (2018/19)


of students reported improving their skills in at least one of our key skill areas (2018/19)


Number of students (2021/22)


Number of schools (2021/22)

Student case study

Celebrating youth social action at Ark Acton Academy

Student, Ark Acton Academy

The Final at Ark Acton Academy has always been an exciting event in the school calendar. It is an annual opportunity for students to speak out about the causes that matter to them. Students took part in a social action fair to raise awareness and funds for their chosen charities. On top of this, the winning class, who were supporting local charity Acton Homeless Concern also organised a collection of warm clothes and other donations for their charity’s homeless shelter.

My favourite part of doing First Give was the Final. It was the moment when it all came together, and we got to share how we as a form class helped our charity.

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